About Intelligence Net

Our Vission

There are plenty of hidden human resources with valuable skills and intelligence throughout the world, But unfortunately yet most of valuable human resources does not apply for proper place in the business world. So we Intelligence Net plan to collect those intelligent human resources and apply them to proper place. We believe this will help both employer and employee for their personal success, also worth for current business world. Especially in developing countries there are so many talented and intelligent human resources having no chance to provide their talent for suitable place. Mainly we hope to find and apply untouched Intelligence in South Asia

CEO Message

Trust your intelligence, trust your ideas, think much, make plan, apply for proper place, in correct time, and go for success.

Every and each of us has our own talent. But it gets a proper value only when we apply it in the most suitable place, when and where it needed. So We try to find what is needed when it needed, why it needed, how it needed, who it needed, then we have to find how to get it, then when, where and how it should be applied.

In the other hand most important thing is that, we have to enjoying and satisfy with our job. So think how to make your job as an interesting one, then it simply becomes an easy one and you can get satisfaction by doing it. Discuss with your colleges, team members, managers, but not to get nervures, never give up, think much, think various ways, and find the best solution to continue your job with good satisfactions.

I believe this is the way for success.